MD5: A49BD0453C0DF6A351CDC096A13D2151

Detected as Trojan-Ransom.Win32.Blocker.Kbvt

MD5: A49BD0453C0DF6A351CDC096A13D2151
CRC32: 87FB157D
File has been seen with the following file size: 0.99 MB (1,037,824 bytes)

File Name: N001037824-87FB157D-A49BD0453C0DF6A351CDC096A13D2151.PE_

RISK LEVEL: [100% RISK] MALWARE detected!

If you found this file your PC is may be infected.
The file is considered unsafe and there may be other infections on your PC. You should urgently check your PC and remove any malicious software as soon as possible.

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