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Here you can see the latest list of malicious URLs (malware URL) detected by cloud engine.
Anti-Virus Cloud Engine is fully automated real-time security solution helps you to detect suspicious and malware websites instantly — it's like an everytime up-do-date blacklist.

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ACE malware URLs — list of sites that contain code that may intentionally modify end-user systems without their consent and cause harm or sites that are infected with a malicious link.

  15,188,045 total malware URL
  14,244,563 active malware URL
  2,364 detected last 24 hrs
  33,229 detected last week
  139,122 added in the last month
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  • On this page you can see limited latest 100 detected URLs.
  • All URL listed in database is dangerous, don't enter them into your browser unless you are a security professional.
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Anti-Virus Cloud Engine is delivered as a fully-hosted web API over HTTP(S) using a JSON, XML or simple text responses. The API that allows client applications check the reputation and risk of each file or site against an extensive in-the-cloud database before permitting user access. You can provide better service by protecting customers for new viruses and malware.
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www.foot[..] minutes ago[..]g-your-own-website-164/Warning1 hour ago[..]/envato-market/images/se..Warning1 hour ago
forskolinweightloss125mg[..]es/js/jquery/jquery..Warning1 hour ago[..]/mhfxfz.zipWarning1 hour ago
jennymccarth[..] hours ago
www.rafi[..]?p=15350Warning3 hours ago
www.r[..]m/spor/kupada-dev-eslesme.htmlWarning3 hours ago[..]wning/libssl-1_1.dll.exeWarning3 hours ago
down1179[..]/?/25908/piaodown/redfield%2520sketch%2..Warning3 hours ago
down11798.[..]5908/piaodown/redfield%20sketch%20m..Warning3 hours ago
do[..] hours ago
down11303.tkg5gu86.tkg5.c[..]9/pconline/f%20zelda%2..Warning3 hours ago[..]/06/blog-post_8722.htmlWarning3 hours ago
loading-nakas.g[..]firmation.htmlWarning3 hours ago[..] hours ago[..]Warning3 hours ago
ohas[..] hours ago
ohasarap.anime-[..]phpWarning4 hours ago
ohasarap.anime-f[..]iewtopic.php?id=8564Warning4 hours ago
update.d[..]ft/Warning4 hours ago
pa[..] hours ago
mailhu[..]onedrive-sign-in,0Warning4 hours ago
we[..] hours ago
mailh[..] hours ago
mail[..]eb.appWarning5 hours ago
mailhub[..]/onedrive-sign-inWarning5 hours ago[..]aqq_gr.zipWarning5 hours ago
dwfi[..]Warning5 hours ago
dwfisher[..]Warning5 hours ago
d.2.[..]com/cftyqwdcjbtfz_gr.zipWarning5 hours ago
s.[..]/nzblqnkjfz_gr.zipWarning5 hours ago
war3down1[..]r3/201404/201404101143.zipWarning5 hours ago
s.bxac[..]zip/lcqzonedxcslyrj_gr.zipWarning5 hours ago
n.bxacg.c[..]cfsszssderj_gr.zipWarning5 hours ago
d.1[..]jx_pc.zipWarning5 hours ago
n.bxacg[..]nycjk_gr.zipWarning5 hours ago[..]ezhibai.zipWarning5 hours ago[..]djzhplgmmgj.zipWarning5 hours ago
ww[..] hours ago
ww[..]ction.comWarning5 hours ago
uxz.bxac[..]35.zipWarning5 hours ago
burusuconstruction.c[..]content/themes/burusutemplate/f..Warning5 hours ago
xz.1.b[..]lf2014cfsqrj_gr.zipWarning5 hours ago[..]t/cache/en/mpp/loginWarning5 hours ago
burus[..]ion.comWarning5 hours ago
burusuco[..] hours ago
jl0331.16mb[..]ook-confirm.htmlWarning5 hours ago
jl[..]mWarning5 hours ago
22001.16mb.[..]ook-bloking.htmlWarning5 hours ago
2200[..]comWarning5 hours ago
flight[..].com/extras/index/ hours ago
www.orma[..] hours ago
www.ormac[..].comWarning5 hours ago
uggiulya[..]ru/facebook/Warning5 hours ago
uggi[..]/twitter/Warning5 hours ago
du[..]Warning5 hours ago
uggiu[..] hours ago
ugg[..] hours ago
ugg[..] hours ago
meriowsxzv.o[..]nt/signinWarning5 hours ago
dus[..]a/secure/absa/absaonline.htmWarning5 hours ago[..]n/redirect.phpWarning5 hours ago
xuatkhaula[..] hours ago
update-paypal-fr-secur[..] hours ago
update-paypal-[..] hours ago
update-paypal-fr-s[..] hours ago
update-paypal-f[..] hours ago[..] hours ago
uggiul[..]Warning5 hours ago
uggiulya[..]teamWarning5 hours ago
www.fa[..] hours ago[..]com/us/signin/www.p..Warning5 hours ago
142[..].231/bins/Warning5 hours ago[..]gleusercontent.comWarning5 hours ago
in[..] hours ago
prepgatasicurezzaw[..]/fcc-authenticazione.phpWarning5 hours ago
www[..]om/68331ff0427b551b68e911eebe35233bWarning5 hours ago
www[..]mszon.comWarning5 hours ago
infor[..] hours ago
u4642627gu[..] hours ago[..]oginWarning5 hours ago[..].phpWarning5 hours ago
walmartpay.[..]e/login.phpWarning5 hours ago
45.12.2[..]inWarning5 hours ago
185[..]6/loginWarning5 hours ago
chsiqp1337.[..]org/loginWarning5 hours ago
prauniversiti5.[..]om/2011/03/soalan-syariah-stpm.h..Warning5 hours ago
pornandf[..] hours ago
porna[..]t.comWarning5 hours ago
pornp[..].com/2012/10/alia-janine-exclusive-pack..Warning5 hours ago[..]0/dillion-harper-bedroom-lus..Warning5 hours ago
pornplate[..]012/10/eva-notty-sucking-and-fuck..Warning5 hours ago
pornplate.b[..]com/2012/10/gianna-ibiza-love-x-art-re..Warning5 hours ago
pornplate.blogsp[..]m/2012/12/holly-taylor-white-room-ho..Warning5 hours ago[..]-with-huge-ass-mil..Warning5 hours ago
porn[..] hours ago
po[..] hours ago
potte[..] hours ago
pott[..] hours ago

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