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Here you can see the latest list of malicious URLs (malware URL) detected by cloud engine.
Anti-Virus Cloud Engine is fully automated real-time security solution helps you to detect suspicious and malware websites instantly — it's like an everytime up-do-date blacklist.

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ACE malware URLs — list of sites that contain code that may intentionally modify end-user systems without their consent and cause harm or sites that are infected with a malicious link.

  15,662,487 total malware URL
  14,856,660 active malware URL
  4,485 detected last 24 hrs
  31,858 detected last week
  116,223 added in the last month
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  • All URL listed in database is dangerous, don't enter them into your browser unless you are a security professional.
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Anti-Virus Cloud Engine is delivered as a fully-hosted web API over HTTP(S) using a JSON, XML or simple text responses. The API that allows client applications check the reputation and risk of each file or site against an extensive in-the-cloud database before permitting user access. You can provide better service by protecting customers for new viruses and malware.
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cole[..]com.brWarning1 hour ago
d.kingroot.n[..]=indexWarning1 hour ago
loca[..] hour ago
downl[..] hour ago
ap[..].inWarning1 hour ago[..].in/iciciWarning1 hour ago[..]?auth=23d9Warning1 hour ago[..]3d9Warning1 hour ago
fanaredoingframe.[..]trew/index.phpWarning1 hour ago
fana[..]gframe.infoWarning1 hour ago
fanaredo[..]info/trew/index.php?purpleeyes=dantedvdr..Warning1 hour ago
foody[..]Warning1 hour ago[..]ccess/home/auth/ hour ago[..]xb0c3nqmxnjcmlwdhnzajfzy3jpchrz..Warning1 hour ago[..]Warning1 hour ago
manag[..] hour ago[..] hour ago
www[..]pcreative.comWarning1 hour ago
update.1[..]/api/dl2/edition/hao123_juzi_vbox/cid/9..Malware1 hour ago
www.[..] hour ago
download.dr[..]ks/repack/sound_others/maudio/al..Warning1 hour ago
mail.dionwattsphoto[..]com/manage/loginWarning1 hour ago
www.sur[..]/90146888/email-loginpage-login-logi..Warning1 hour ago
all4publ[..]facture/disponible/67bc1e929b79178/Warning1 hour ago
appleid.appl[..] hour ago[..] hour ago
te[..]Warning1 hour ago
tec[..]gin.phpWarning1 hour ago
santtel[..]Warning1 hour ago[..] hour ago
m-fac[..] hour ago
m-facebok-se[..]rewa_t=5369Warning1 hour ago[..]ex-account/account/?email=..Warning1 hour ago[..]lex-account/account/?email=..Warning1 hour ago
new20vmail3d[..]26voicemail3dofficemicroscroppen.a..Warning1 hour ago
new20vmail3dsec[..]e26voicemail3dofficemicroscroppen.a..Warning1 hour ago
new20vmail3dsecureshar[..]icemail3dofficemicroscroppen.a..Warning1 hour ago
oakbrookfina[..] hour ago
oakbrookfinance-fileshare[..] hour ago
oa[..] hour ago
kato[..]ap/a/Warning1 hour ago
www.m[..]m/Warning1 hour ago
vzv[..]/ hour ago
thegathering[..]Warning1 hour ago
pear[..]ml/dp/yahoologin/Warning1 hour ago[..]-k/microsoftdocs/index2..Warning1 hour ago
stresserfo[..]/fonts/office365-k/microsoftdocs/index2..Warning1 hour ago
str[..]rums.topWarning1 hour ago
stresserforums.[..]s/office365-k/microsoftdocs/Warning1 hour ago
bonnieorbach.t[..]a_come/inetlogon/servelet_usaaWarning1 hour ago
bonnieo[..]/www_usaa_come/inetlogon/servelet_usaa/Warning1 hour ago
www.g[..] hour ago[..]/images/paypal/customer_c..Warning1 hour ago
firsthouse[..].com/ hour ago
firs[..] hour ago
firsthousecleanin[..]/ hour ago
firsthousec[..]Warning1 hour ago
first[..]com/ hour ago
btratford[..]Warning1 hour ago
inve[..]om/br/caixa-desbloqueio/Warning1 hour ago
mydocomo[..]Warning1 hour ago
afrikfinanci[..] hour ago[..]n/images/chase/b9208ab8c/s..Warning1 hour ago
bonnie[..]h.topWarning1 hour ago
bo[..]/wp-includes/Warning1 hour ago[..]o/sign_e.htmlWarning1 hour ago
dire[..] hour ago
directdepositmoneytrans[..] hour ago[..]l/quota/upgrade/25gb..Warning1 hour ago
adbl[..]nWarning1 hour ago
adbleg[..]des/widgets/dhl/pp/x2/pt/autodhl/dhl/..Warning1 hour ago[..]includes/widgets/dhl/pp/x2/pt/autodhl/..Warning1 hour ago
cr-mufg-jp.l[..]hp/selected/idWarning1 hour ago[..]dgets/wpp/tm/kp/kp/update/Warning1 hour ago[..]/dhl%20revenge%20b..Warning1 hour ago
www.a[..]l.inWarning1 hour ago[..]/er/dhl%20revenge%20by..Warning1 hour ago
www[..]lected/idWarning1 hour ago
www.c[..].ltdWarning1 hour ago[..]cted/idWarning1 hour ago
www.mufg-j[..]ted/idWarning1 hour ago
www.m[..].artWarning1 hour ago
www[..]xyzWarning1 hour ago
www.mufg-jp.x[..]/idWarning1 hour ago
accou[..] hour ago
accounts-recovery[..]azon.comWarning1 hour ago
ac[..] hour ago
www[..] hour ago
www.firsthousecleani[..] hour ago[..]a7hxneekfk21fappkyi0aqWarning1 hour ago
extractbrothergolf[..]index.phpWarning1 hour ago
extractbr[..] hour ago
www[..]om/Warning1 hour ago
178.128.23.[..]/rbc/Warning1 hour ago
cr-m[..]p.ltdWarning1 hour ago[..]p_head_myj_torokuWarning1 hour ago[..]-3148tyui1-fbzf6e15-1l46gsrfd..Warning1 hour ago
gath[..]Warning1 hour ago
gatheryourot.g[..]ta/untitlednotebook1.htmlWarning1 hour ago
mu[..]artWarning1 hour ago

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