NictaTech Software

NictaTech Software is a anti-virus company that develops, produces and distributes technologies for anti-malware and anti-virus products.

Nicta Anti-Virus Engine is designed to detect, prevent, and remove malicious software.

The heart of any antivirus software is the scanning engine (AV SDK) — you can request to scan objects that enter and the engine returns information indicating whether these objects are malware or not. Anti-Virus engine (AV SDK) is a development tool that has been designed to let you focus on creating new AV technologies.

NictaTech Anti-Virus Cloud Engine (ACE) — service are a valuable enhancement to your own resources for blocking of Internet threats. ACE can effectively and fast detect unknown malware and Internet threats.

Custom Antivirus Product
We can offer basic product class Internet Security with classic engine and cloud protection for rapid detect new threats exactly to your customers.

Anti-Malware Digital Patrol helps protect your computer from malware.

Autorun Angel — small and simply cloud-based autorun manager and security analyzer powered on completely new cloud engine.