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Here you can see the latest list of malicious URLs (malware URL) detected by cloud engine.
Anti-Virus Cloud Engine is fully automated real-time security solution helps you to detect suspicious and malware websites instantly — it's like an everytime up-do-date blacklist.

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ACE malware URLs — list of sites that contain code that may intentionally modify end-user systems without their consent and cause harm or sites that are infected with a malicious link.

  14,919,342 total malware URL
  12,391,538 active malware URL
  7,405 detected last 24 hrs
  54,230 detected last week
  206,545 added in the last month
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Anti-Virus Cloud Engine is delivered as a fully-hosted web API over HTTP(S) using a JSON, XML or simple text responses. The API that allows client applications check the reputation and risk of each file or site against an extensive in-the-cloud database before permitting user access. You can provide better service by protecting customers for new viruses and malware.

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www.mobileyo[..]oxy.comWarning1 hour ago[..]arch/label/victoria..Warning1 hour ago
medi[..] hour ago
mediumhairs[..] hour ago
mediumhairsty[..] hour ago
mediumhairstylefashion.[..] hour ago
medium[..] hour ago
mediumhairs[..] hour ago
me[..] hour ago
mediumhair[..] hour ago
medi[..] hour ago
mediumhairstylefashion.blogsp[..]earch/label/celebrit..Warning1 hour ago
mediumhairstylef[..] hour ago
mediumhairstylefashi[..]m/2013/05/billboard-mus..Warning1 hour ago[..]/11/manicure-your..Warning1 hour ago[..]ng-wooden-room-hidden-ob..Warning2 hours ago
videogamesgor[..]/aerial-warfare/Warning2 hours ago
videogames[..]games/babie-food-game/Warning2 hours ago
videogamesgoril[..]games/artic-monster-truck/Warning2 hours ago
videogamesgo[..].com/games/anime-girl-makeover/Warning2 hours ago
vi[..] hours ago
videogam[..] hours ago
ld.clicktowe[..]ndex2.php?r=windows64.netMalware4 hours ago
m.fb-reattend-qysrn[..] hours ago
frank[..] hours ago[..]mlqggztsvox9l.h..Warning5 hours ago
mediumhairstylefashion.[..]/2013/09/new-bob-hairs..Warning6 hours ago
seikacoachi[..]estimoniales2/franck-joseph-maurin/Warning6 hours ago
medium[..] hours ago
mediumhairstylefashion.blo[..]/10/hairstyles-fo..Warning6 hours ago
starwor[..]to.orgWarning8 hours ago
forbidden-ga[..]0webhostapp.comWarning8 hours ago
17[..]5Warning8 hours ago
178.32.20[..]66Warning8 hours ago
testdavisramsay.[..]1556305024621/1ywa22Warning8 hours ago
asianwok.c[..]wp-content/esp/Warning9 hours ago
viet[..] hours ago
navin[..]om/ hours ago
ntc.learninga[..]iapi/wi/Warning9 hours ago
texasveter[..] hours ago
pas[..]w/wggbujgvWarning9 hours ago
nineam[..]com/wp-content/sites/lc56fd3/Warning9 hours ago
www.lan[..]ncludes/vjloote/Warning9 hours ago
ge[..].com/revision/report/Warning9 hours ago
www.classicpalace.[..]m.exeWarning9 hours ago[..]nt/report/0b0kauitc/vc-3542-24453..Warning9 hours ago
106[..]2:52539/mozi.mWarning9 hours ago[..]36/mozi.mWarning9 hours ago
112[..]9421/mozi.mWarning9 hours ago
42[..]198:37699/mozi.mWarning9 hours ago
211.[..]25.93:35954/mozi.mWarning9 hours ago
182[..]253.67:48930/mozi.mWarning9 hours ago[..]mozi.mWarning9 hours ago
182.1[..]50471/mozi.mWarning9 hours ago[..]i.mWarning9 hours ago
115.219[..]2114/mozi.mWarning9 hours ago
182.127.70.[..]21/mozi.mWarning9 hours ago
49.68.40[..]ozi.mWarning9 hours ago[..]73048-72-7926-3pip6am/Warning9 hours ago[..]ontent/cache/inc/Warning9 hours ago
touchespro[..]jmlclc/Warning9 hours ago
southlanddevelopers.[..]dmin/document/q6o1ynoq/x5p9-18..Warning9 hours ago[..]q/Warning9 hours ago
inscricao.jethrointe[..]/wp-admin/0um0/Warning9 hours ago
feichters.[..]/thyg6o/Warning9 hours ago[..]db/vgquzxooi/Warning9 hours ago[..]bvuf9ky/Warning9 hours ago
jfed[..] hours ago
tourntreksolu[..]om/wp/ep705353/Warning9 hours ago
www[..]norcalit/lnrrjlhdlx/Warning9 hours ago
bncc.a[..]in/upokjl/Warning9 hours ago[..]t4756/Warning9 hours ago[..]nctional_ydr1c4iq_ax..Warning9 hours ago
www.wangshangt[..]u2d/multifunctional-yumyu5behl-..Warning9 hours ago
du[..]admin/11458_r1pczsbasxwwhgb_zone/guarded_w..Warning9 hours ago[..]aclm/m8-104519887-757374418-i3..Warning9 hours ago
art-worko[..]udes/am/Warning9 hours ago[..]ne1unp/rq-6503-502145-mvt..Warning9 hours ago
www.lordkrishna[..] hours ago[..]-763241853-92687-e4..Warning9 hours ago
leytra[..] hours ago
nerasro[..]ibraries/09825/7ndml8qufj/Warning9 hours ago
susupremiu[..]admin/pxci-71-86913/Warning9 hours ago[..]594454424453162/6691234..Warning9 hours ago
www.g[..] hours ago[..]pWarning9 hours ago
www.serv[..] hours ago
baharanc[..]p-content/overview/Warning9 hours ago[..]/overview/y91o-7025-989681..Warning9 hours ago
statuto[..]p-includes/rzkywvvo/Warning9 hours ago
103.[..]42628/mozi.mWarning9 hours ago
111.4[..]/mozi.mWarning9 hours ago
17[..]7930/mozi.mWarning9 hours ago[..]mWarning9 hours ago
121.231.2[..]1/mozi.mWarning9 hours ago
11[..].120:46709/mozi.mWarning9 hours ago
172.[..]7:35633/mozi.mWarning9 hours ago
120.68[..]57142/mozi.mWarning9 hours ago
112.17.[..]zi.mWarning9 hours ago
111.43.22[..]657/mozi.mWarning9 hours ago

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