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Here you can see the latest list of malicious URLs (malware URL) detected by cloud engine.
Anti-Virus Cloud Engine is fully automated real-time security solution helps you to detect suspicious and malware websites instantly — it's like an everytime up-do-date blacklist.

  • On this page you can see limited latest 100 detected URLs.
  • All URL listed in database is dangerous, don't enter them into your browser unless you are a security professional.
  • If you have any questions please contact us.

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Anti-Virus Cloud Engine is delivered as a fully-hosted web API over HTTP(S) using a JSON, XML or simple text responses. The API that allows client applications check the reputation and risk of each file or site against an extensive in-the-cloud database before permitting user access. You can provide better service by protecting customers for new viruses and malware.

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219.156.[..]6/bin.shWarning1 hour ago
115.58.[..]8.218/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
182.11[..]0/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
117.195[..].76/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
27.[..].55.12/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
123.4[..]3.235/iWarning1 hour ago
183.151.[..]1/bin.shWarning1 hour ago
58.41[..].14/mozi.aWarning1 hour ago
117.21[..].83/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
117.248.59[..]/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
117.212.17[..]00/bin.shWarning1 hour ago
42.22[..].220/iWarning1 hour ago
183.1[..]82.41/iWarning1 hour ago
10[..]08.96.227/mozi.aWarning1 hour ago
59.8[..]226.199/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
42.2[..].233.157/iWarning1 hour ago
182.11[..]51.221/iWarning1 hour ago
219.156.[..]16/iWarning1 hour ago
117.214.20[..]157/bin.shWarning1 hour ago
117.[..]4.208.237/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
11[..]17.156.67/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
163.179.13[..]5/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
117.[..].231/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
117.2[..]20.250/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
117.2[..]0.168/mozi.aWarning1 hour ago
61[..].235.81/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
179.135.1[..].5/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
117.2[..]116.53/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
117.255.17[..]mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
115.58.[..]2/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
59.94[..]248/mozi.aWarning1 hour ago
115.21[..].40/bin.shWarning1 hour ago
110.[..].8/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
117.255[..]70/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
125.46.146[..]/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
59.89.[..]154/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
59[..].174.217/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
123.9.[..]99/bin.shWarning1 hour ago
27[..].17.93/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
218.86[..]54.204/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
42.225.4[..]32/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
123.14.254[..]90/bin.shWarning1 hour ago
14.146.79[..]in.shWarning1 hour ago
117.[..]72.79/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
117.24[..]37.189/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
27[..]17.230.161/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
117.2[..]82.232/iWarning1 hour ago
59.99.[..]224/iWarning1 hour ago
27.219.191[..]7/bin.shWarning1 hour ago
117.194.1[..].35/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
27.40.85.[..]mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
61.3.10[..]77/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
27[..]191.167/iWarning1 hour ago
117.215.217[..]0/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
59.[..]0.238/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
49.82.[..]229/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
14.14[..]72/iWarning1 hour ago
12[..]37.86.48/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
117.199.[..]107/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
119[..]73.168/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
115.55.[..]0/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
61[..].228.68/mozi.aWarning1 hour ago
42.2[..]5.184/iWarning1 hour ago
12[..]4.212.246/bin.shWarning1 hour ago
118[..]177.200/iWarning1 hour ago
125.126.2[..].187/mozi.aWarning1 hour ago
17[..]44.42.68/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
42.57.2[..]154/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
60.22.[..]68/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
117.21[..]7.25/iWarning1 hour ago
117.216.2[..]37/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
117.24[..]5.235/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
61.[..].29/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
61.[..].93.204/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
117.2[..].2.120/bin.shWarning1 hour ago
219.156.4[..]6:51495/bin.shWarning1 hour ago
115.58.1[..].218:55693/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
19[..]09.227.97:53345/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
182.112.9.[..]41302/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago
117.195.103.[..]3279/mozi.mWarning1 hour ago

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