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Here you can see the latest list of malicious URLs (malware URL) detected by cloud engine.
Anti-Virus Cloud Engine is fully automated real-time security solution helps you to detect suspicious and malware websites instantly — it's like an everytime up-do-date blacklist.

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ACE malware URLs — list of sites that contain code that may intentionally modify end-user systems without their consent and cause harm or sites that are infected with a malicious link.

  14,978,114 total malware URL
  13,059,239 active malware URL
  18,472 detected last 24 hrs
  48,661 detected last week
  184,803 added in the last month
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Anti-Virus Cloud Engine is delivered as a fully-hosted web API over HTTP(S) using a JSON, XML or simple text responses. The API that allows client applications check the reputation and risk of each file or site against an extensive in-the-cloud database before permitting user access. You can provide better service by protecting customers for new viruses and malware.
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mortysteal.s[..]ate.getWarning1 minute ago
mor[..]iteWarning1 minute ago
nasig[..].club/api/gate.getWarning2 minutes ago
fgdfggd[..]u/api/info.getWarning2 minutes ago
fg[..]fgfg.myjino.ruWarning2 minutes ago
maks[..]/trust.myacc.send.comMalware2 minutes ago
fr010w.myji[..]nload.getWarning3 minutes ago
fr01[..]Warning3 minutes ago
f03205[..]ru/api/gate.getWarning3 minutes ago[..]ctions/2019-01Warning3 minutes ago
xn--116-edd[..]i/en/file/fiona-5yy_z-0bbWarning3 minutes ago
zonnes[..] minutes ago[..]es/ minutes ago[..]fg-wbze3x1-panstysWarning3 minutes ago
le[..] minutes ago
digen.c[..]/amazon/clients_messages/012019Warning3 minutes ago[..]ns/2019-01Warning3 minutes ago[..]jzcayduvmudWarning3 minutes ago
xn-----clcb5aki4ab6afi7g.x[..]ix-yihzlfet/qea/..Warning3 minutes ago[..]-22352955/Warning3 minutes ago
35[..]7/59111.jpgWarning4 minutes ago
pimples[..]/document.exeWarning4 minutes ago
frockyllie[..]i/ironak.php?l=mateii4.cabWarning4 minutes ago[..]ak.php?l=mateii5.cabWarning4 minutes ago[..].exeWarning4 minutes ago
23.254.201.[..]1/x86Warning4 minutes ago[..]ateii1.cabWarning4 minutes ago[..]i/ironak.php?l=mateii2.cabWarning4 minutes ago[..]ironak.php?l=mateii3.cabWarning4 minutes ago[..]ak.php?l=mateii1.cabWarning4 minutes ago
vioropeily[..]onak.php?l=mateii2.cabWarning4 minutes ago[..]ronak.php?l=mateii3.cabWarning4 minutes ago
upsha[..]epoli/ironak.php?l=mateii5.cabWarning4 minutes ago[..]ateii6.cabWarning4 minutes ago
upshatioax.[..]onak.php?l=mateii4.cabWarning4 minutes ago[..]oli/ironak.php?l=mateii8.cabWarning4 minutes ago
sinica[..]oli/ironak.php?l=mateii7.cabWarning5 minutes ago[..]ak.php?l=mateii9.cabWarning5 minutes ago
asta[..]oli/ironak.php?l=mateii7.cabWarning5 minutes ago
astacefaim.[..]onak.php?l=mateii8.cabWarning5 minutes ago
astacefaim[..]oli/ironak.php?l=mateii9.cabWarning5 minutes ago
35.181[..]951198.jpgWarning5 minutes ago
35.18[..]k.jpgWarning5 minutes ago
35.1[..]015889.jpgWarning5 minutes ago
217.7[..]sendsfile.exeWarning5 minutes ago[..]gWarning5 minutes ago
35.[..]560779.jpgWarning5 minutes ago
35[..]60.96/7/9704116.jpgWarning5 minutes ago[..]anuries/ms/master/artno3847..Warning5 minutes ago
www.sodonne[..]bddh.exeWarning5 minutes ago
kedai2[..]Warning9 minutes ago
www.ty[..]Warning9 minutes ago
www.tyguard[..]/wp-includes/text/diff.phpWarning9 minutes ago
bestta[..] minutes ago
ao-s[..]Warning14 minutes ago
obitrus[..].orgWarning15 minutes ago
m5tr3flas[..]Warning15 minutes ago
cabonjaz[..]rgWarning15 minutes ago
njpc.d[..]Warning15 minutes ago
noway74[..].netWarning15 minutes ago
jppost-b[..]81/Warning16 minutes ago
jppost-[..]Warning16 minutes ago
jvls111.[..]Warning19 minutes ago
ha[..]oko.ddns.netWarning20 minutes ago
st[..]com/adventuresinbabysitting/l8rnMalware21 minutes ago
swa[..].orgWarning22 minutes ago
n77[..]uWarning22 minutes ago
smileb[..]netWarning23 minutes ago
tr[..]gh.ddns.netWarning23 minutes ago
daniel982[..]tWarning23 minutes ago
tjte[..]ns.netWarning23 minutes ago
empre[..]cial.ddns.netWarning23 minutes ago
mohamedsl[..]etWarning23 minutes ago
leand[..] minutes ago[..]32rlswyhyoe274vh80..Malware25 minutes ago
www.phl[..]ad/us_us/paid-invoice/Warning32 minutes ago
theweb.dig[..]rechnungonline/012019Warning32 minutes ago
www.fasz[..]de/documents/01_19Warning32 minutes ago[..]tecommerce/gkzt-l8robjjd8jxfgj_mzoqutil..Warning32 minutes ago
24.150.44.[..]oon/Warning32 minutes ago[..]2_18Warning32 minutes ago
remsti[..]on/en_us/attachments/2018-12Warning32 minutes ago[..]2/0kulrptr6rln_eulp4-6201496745..Warning32 minutes ago
www.cancun[..] minutes ago[..]tions-details/01_19Warning32 minutes ago
citilin[..] minutes ago[..]site/splash/,Warning32 minutes ago[..]n/verif.accs.resourses.bizWarning32 minutes ago[..]/orders_details/01_19Warning32 minutes ago
arez[..].it/modules/sec.myaccount.resourses.comWarning32 minutes ago
59.188[..]/Warning33 minutes ago
bazee3[..]9hxzyWarning33 minutes ago
ecampuskbds.[..]Warning33 minutes ago
cronicas[..]b1/ minutes ago
teste[..].netWarning42 minutes ago
moncef000[..]tWarning43 minutes ago
hk-s[..]foWarning1 hour ago
secr[..]ne.bizWarning1 hour ago
erectiemidd[..]comWarning1 hour ago
tra[..]Warning1 hour ago

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