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Here you can see the latest list of malicious URLs (malware URL) detected by cloud engine.
Anti-Virus Cloud Engine is fully automated real-time security solution helps you to detect suspicious and malware websites instantly — it's like an everytime up-do-date blacklist.

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The powerful solution to block Internet threats

ACE malware URLs — list of sites that contain code that may intentionally modify end-user systems without their consent and cause harm or sites that are infected with a malicious link.

  13,163,988 total malware URL
  8,867 detected last 24 hrs
  55,859 detected last week
  493,222 added in the last month
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  • All URL listed in database is dangerous, don't enter them into your browser unless you are a security professional.
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Anti-Virus Cloud Engine is delivered as a fully-hosted web API over HTTP(S) using a JSON, XML or simple text responses. The API that allows client applications check the reputation and risk of each file or site against an extensive in-the-cloud database before permitting user access. You can provide better service by protecting customers for new viruses and malware.

If you would like to become a NictaTech customer, please contact us[..]Warning13 minutes ago[..]c/Warning13 minutes ago
certif[..] minutes ago
bt[..] minutes ago
btintwo[..].weebly.comWarning14 minutes ago
dam[..] minutes ago
dam[..]emp.swtest.ruWarning14 minutes ago
at[..] minutes ago
attupdate2[..]bly.comWarning14 minutes ago
service-dpd-paiem[..] minutes ago
mabar[..] minutes ago
mabar[..]uckdns.orgWarning14 minutes ago
join[..] minutes ago
join-grup-xxxx[..]uckdns.orgWarning14 minutes ago
codashop-diamo[..] minutes ago
cod[..]-gratis.duckdns.orgWarning14 minutes ago[..]dex.htmlWarning14 minutes ago
attma[..] minutes ago
india-i[..] minutes ago
in[..]mericanassociation.orgWarning14 minutes ago
india-indi[..] minutes ago
a0566391.xsph.r[..] minutes ago
a05663[..] minutes ago[..]oad.6c0143e8f5a6b66ae..Warning14 minutes ago
a0566391.xsph.r[..] minutes ago
a0566391[..]Warning14 minutes ago
lankygullibleinter[..]anlopa.repl.coWarning14 minutes ago
lankygullibleinter[..] minutes ago
fi[..]e.infoWarning14 minutes ago
findmy-appie[..]admin/index.phpWarning14 minutes ago
pemer[..] minutes ago
pem[..]18plus.duckdns.orgWarning14 minutes ago
garen[..] minutes ago
garena-fre[..]duckdns.orgWarning14 minutes ago
susp[..] minutes ago
sus[..]webhostapp.comWarning14 minutes ago
microsoffilesecurebthomelo[..]tetplakifodropbox..Warning14 minutes ago
microsoffiles[..]bthomelogindropboxupdatetplakifodropbox..Warning14 minutes ago
britishtheat[..]rd.shopWarning14 minutes ago[..]ee/index1.htmlWarning14 minutes ago
flyclass[..]Warning14 minutes ago
flyclassica[..]/kWarning14 minutes ago
migratio[..]mWarning14 minutes ago
migratio[..]lekom/Warning14 minutes ago
cj[..]ruWarning14 minutes ago
cj73977.tmweb.[..]Warning14 minutes ago
jbsh[..].com/receipt/securenetflix/baae87cb929..Warning14 minutes ago
karras[..] minutes ago
www[..]c/Warning14 minutes ago[..]Warning14 minutes ago
u1203246qty.ha004.t.just[..]eujhmacqdpwluaxptdrvbqw..Warning14 minutes ago
u1203246qty.ha004.t.ju[..]deujhmacqdpwluaxptdrvbqw..Warning14 minutes ago
u1203246qty.[..].t.justns.ruWarning14 minutes ago
annzon-lfbhs[..]p/Warning14 minutes ago
annzon-lfbhs-c[..]Warning14 minutes ago
sorteerdepot-pr[..] minutes ago
so[..]ot-protocol.xyzWarning14 minutes ago
susana[..]Warning14 minutes ago
susanarsil[..]m/teresa%20l%20singer/Warning14 minutes ago
afforriss[..]o/Warning14 minutes ago
ep[..]ilities.comWarning14 minutes ago
eposagain.3u[..]/login.phpWarning14 minutes ago
ep[..] minutes ago
fbnotification-433[..] minutes ago
www.vxua[..]Warning15 minutes ago
www.[..]azon/amazon/Warning15 minutes ago
www.rhs[..].comWarning15 minutes ago
www.rhsuiebns.c[..]on/Warning15 minutes ago
grubwa-hot88[..] minutes ago
gru[..]889.duckdns.orgWarning15 minutes ago
grubwhatsapp[..] minutes ago
grubwhatsap[..]duckdns.orgWarning15 minutes ago
satpolpp.s[..].id/wp-content/uploads/2018/ofi/dj/eu..Warning15 minutes ago
whatsap-ne[..]gWarning15 minutes ago
wh[..] minutes ago
txseoser[..],/priv8/Warning15 minutes ago
whatsap-chat[..]rg/Warning15 minutes ago
what[..].duckdns.orgWarning15 minutes ago
codashoop-ev[..]org/Warning15 minutes ago
codas[..]event109.duckdns.orgWarning15 minutes ago

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