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Here you can see the latest list of malicious URLs (malware URL) detected by cloud engine.
Anti-Virus Cloud Engine is fully automated real-time security solution helps you to detect suspicious and malware websites instantly — it's like an everytime up-do-date blacklist.

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The powerful solution to block Internet threats

ACE malware URLs — list of sites that contain code that may intentionally modify end-user systems without their consent and cause harm or sites that are infected with a malicious link.

  13,447,547 total malware URL
  8,602 detected last 24 hrs
  71,866 detected last week
  164,394 added in the last month
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  • All URL listed in database is dangerous, don't enter them into your browser unless you are a security professional.
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Anti-Virus Cloud Engine is delivered as a fully-hosted web API over HTTP(S) using a JSON, XML or simple text responses. The API that allows client applications check the reputation and risk of each file or site against an extensive in-the-cloud database before permitting user access. You can provide better service by protecting customers for new viruses and malware.

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gondoshk[..]s.netWarning6 hours ago
w3214z[..]ns.netWarning6 hours ago
ba[..]zapto.orgWarning6 hours ago
pipirkaso[..]22.zapto.orgWarning6 hours ago
msha[..]Warning6 hours ago
www.biya[..]comWarning6 hours ago
biyaof[..]comWarning6 hours ago
laop[..]mWarning6 hours ago
te[..]netWarning6 hours ago
ww[..]mir.comWarning6 hours ago
kyn[..]Warning6 hours ago
selende[..]Warning6 hours ago
kandiie[..]omWarning6 hours ago
ldgco[..]Warning6 hours ago
www.[..]k.comWarning6 hours ago
mc[..].comWarning6 hours ago
roofrepair[..]omWarning6 hours ago
dehka[..]Warning6 hours ago
ww[..]ther.irWarning6 hours ago
nfecristalatacados[..]netWarning6 hours ago
kat[..]Warning6 hours ago
youqudes[..]Warning6 hours ago
ity[..]Warning6 hours ago
onefacilitys[..]comWarning6 hours ago
soda[..]Warning6 hours ago
88[..]Warning6 hours ago
homfu[..]Warning6 hours ago
swa[..]Warning6 hours ago
solar[..]y.bizWarning6 hours ago
trand[..]Warning6 hours ago[..]Warning6 hours ago
rajapok[..]Warning6 hours ago
qqa[..]Warning6 hours ago
nagas[..]Warning6 hours ago
dopi[..]Warning6 hours ago
cba[..]pWarning6 hours ago
jar[..]Warning6 hours ago
fugit[..].roWarning6 hours ago
mark[..]esinc.comWarning6 hours ago
awdu8[..]3io123.hopto.orgWarning6 hours ago
ju[..]20.ddns.netWarning6 hours ago
bru[..]Warning6 hours ago
test20041[..]Warning6 hours ago
windap[..]ns.netWarning6 hours ago
zxqrcm[..]orgWarning6 hours ago
zwwk[..]dns.orgWarning6 hours ago
zukfqcexyr.[..]s.orgWarning6 hours ago
zpv[..]uckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
zouau[..]ckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
znc[..]c.duckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
zmwjke[..]uckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
zmsoho[..]duckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
ziybh[..]ckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
zixoo[..]rgWarning6 hours ago
yumhaunyh[..]ns.orgWarning6 hours ago
yub[..].duckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
yora[..].duckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
yofobdbt[..]dns.orgWarning6 hours ago
ykdutgojwj[..]orgWarning6 hours ago
yjplomfrpq.[..]ns.orgWarning6 hours ago
yghgb[..]duckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
yfrjfaxad[..]ns.orgWarning6 hours ago
ycjtudy[..]kdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
yazyhpruqt.[..]s.orgWarning6 hours ago
xzjrnas[..]ckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
xzaixewt[..]kdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
xvhu[..]duckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
xvanrjma[..]Warning6 hours ago
xt[..]fzy.duckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
xefsqkjir[..]kdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
xron[..].duckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
xqvql[..]s.orgWarning6 hours ago
xdevvava[..].orgWarning6 hours ago
wufcq[..]dns.orgWarning6 hours ago
wrqbtckop[..]dns.orgWarning6 hours ago
wgqamren[..]gWarning6 hours ago
wfwmtkj[..]dns.orgWarning6 hours ago
wdaivcpd[..]ns.orgWarning6 hours ago
wbpsdtk[..]ckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
wasqpge[..]ns.orgWarning6 hours ago
wafje[..]kdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
vysz[..]kdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
vv[..]hi.duckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
vvs[..]ns.orgWarning6 hours ago
vp[..]dns.orgWarning6 hours ago
vi[..]s.orgWarning6 hours ago
vivpfmh[..]Warning6 hours ago
vhal[..]kdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
vc[..].duckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
uyjue[..]ckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
uwtuo[..].orgWarning6 hours ago
uupuqmnt[..]kdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
urctb[..]uckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
umvaotukww[..]Warning6 hours ago
uiigeamjuv.[..]gWarning6 hours ago
ueqwbuy[..]s.orgWarning6 hours ago
udcdrw[..]duckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
tlz[..].duckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
tge[..]kdns.orgWarning6 hours ago
tgck[..]ckdns.orgWarning6 hours ago

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