White-Label Antivirus

Our white label partnership designed for AV start-up companies.

You can get your own AV with you own software protection (activation) and have no any 'per user licenses' payment. This way is intended for those who plan to grow its complete own product.

White Label software is a product or service developed by one company (Provider) and re-branded and re-sold by a different company (Brander). Providers give Branders a way to market a product without the associated costs and time of product development. This is crucial in an industry that requires speed of product deployment to stay competitive.

For Windows as white label we can offer basic, entry-level product (class 'Internet Security') with classic engine and cloud protection for rapid detect new threats exactly to your customers.

Product include on-demand scanner, real-time protection, internet threat filtering HTTP(S) for browsers, software protection and activation server, update distribution, feedback for cloud, etc.

Key Features

  • Simple and fast product.
  • Generic detection for the most common malware.
  • Cloud based targeted protection specifically your customers.
  • Web content filtering — total control for all network traffic.
  • Quick system scan powered by cloud for rapid detect new and active malware.

Companies using white label software apply it in one of two ways. Either to start a new business, taking advantage of the low start-up costs, or to expand the services of an existing company. Existing companies may be looking to add a new services or enhance those services already in place.

Also you can use our other product and services (malware domains list, malicious url, malware and webspam ip) enables you to improve your own antivirus.

Interested in becoming a customer?

If you would like to become a NictaTech customer, please contact us.

Looking for a White Label software product that is high converting and can be fully rebranded with your logos, graphics and text? Take advantage of our antivirus security products as a White Label Software product.