Anti-Virus Cloud engine

Files Matching, Filtering and Identification

Anti-Virus Cloud Engine (ACE) — is an automated files recognition cloud-based security service (also known as software-as-a-service «SaaS» or hosted security) are a valuable enhancement to your own resources for blocking of Internet threats. ACE can effectively block malicious files, web vulnerabilities and Internet threats.

Anti-Virus Cloud Engine is delivered as a fully-hosted web API. It runs over HTTP using a JSON, XML or simple text formatted responses. The API that allows client applications check the reputation and risk of each file or site against an extensive in-the-cloud database before permitting user access. We uses automatic algorithms to search sites that may be dangerous.
Real-time classification: every day ACE crawl the web for compromised or infected sites.

The ACE API allows anyone to build their own programs using ACE data, whether they’re on the web, the desktop or mobile devices.

You can use Anti-Virus Cloud engine:

  • Malicious web site filtering.
  • Phishing web site filtering.
  • Anti-virus & anti-spyware.
  • Scanning uploaded files on website with file uploading functionality.
  • Protect systems from zero day threats or malware threats that have never been seen.
  • Web Security antispyware & antivirus protection.
  • Web Content Filtering – control & monitor web access.
  • Scan users auto-run programs for rapid detect new and active malware.
  • Warn users before clicking on links that appear in your site when they lead to malware-infected pages.
  • Prevent users from posting links to known malware pages from your site.
  • Check a pages of suspected malware.

Nicta’s services are used by:

  • Internet Service Providers (ISP’s)
  • Internet security solutions providers
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) companies and providers
  • Network Gateway Security providers, Network Proxies and accelerators, Firewall, and similar providers


An ACE API can be licensed for your product. API gives a programmatic interface to search the complete ACE index. NictaTech Anti-Virus Cloud Engine is a paid, subscription based service and this web site is an extension of that service. Subscription costs start from $50 per month (no minimum subscription period, and you can start/stop your subscription at any time).
Sign up for the ACE Commercial API.

Advanced pricing
For our partners we can offer malware samples, URL, IP data and other data feeds are updated on a real-time basis. For more information please contact us.

Can I test your service before I purchase?
Yes, you can use site is safe, search information about files by MD5 and contact us for a trial. All ACE statistics is open, you can see it in real time.

Interested in becoming a customer?

NictaTech Anti-Virus Cloud Engine is easy integration and fully automated real-time solution. You can provide better service by protecting customers for new viruses and malware.
If you would like to become a NictaTech customer, please contact us.