Suspicious Files

Please upload any malware samples, sites, feeds which are not yet detected by our products along with suspicious and other miscellaneous files using the upload forms below.

If you want send many files or collection, please contact to our lab.

  • Submit malware
  • Submit URL
  • Submit false positives

Submit malware

If you discover a suspicious file on your PC, or suspect that a program you downloaded from the Internet might contain malicious code, you can upload the file and check file in real-time.
Also you can use Autorun Angel or Digital Patrol for protect and analyze your PC.

Maximum file size: 15 Mb

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Submit URL

If you discover a suspicious URL or site you can submit it and check url in real-time.

Malicious Web sites — sites that contain code that may intentionally modify end-user systems without their consent and cause harm or sites that are infected with a malicious link.

Submit false positives

If you think our product has detected a clean file by mistake please upload this file using the upload form below. Note that suspicious files and false positives need to be uploaded separately. Please make sure you verified that the latest version will still detect the file and it’s not a solved false positive at this time.

Maximum file size: 15 Mb

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Thank you for taking the time to submit report!